My first visit. It's a nice resturant with delicious food.
My first visit. It's a nice resturant with delicious food.
Martha Stanbrough via - Dec 16, 2018
Caffe di Fiore The Woodlands TX
Really had a wonderful experience at this restaurant. Food was delicious! I order the green enchiladas and really was so delicious! Make me feel like eating in Mexico, great taste, not over spice, generous portion. The personal are incredible, friendly, nice and very polite. We...More ... read more
VeroZD via - Dec 15, 2018
Awesome food !
Love come over again and again to enjoy the best ever chicken tortilla soup or the fajitas de pollo, lovely and intimate restaurant. 100% recommended!
rufito001 via - Dec 12, 2018
Altogether Wonderful!
I have been coming to Caffe do Fiore for quite some time with friends and also alone exceeding more than 15 visits.. The staff have always been professional and friendly!! The owners cordially welcome me with a smile! The server comes to check frequently and...More ... read more
laureloraine via - Dec 11, 2018
Sunday Breakfast
This is my place to enjoy an authentic mexican Sunday breakfast. Has nice “ family owned business” feel to it. Great food, great service, I would definitely recommend it.
claudiak534 via - Dec 11, 2018
The food and drinks are great friendly atmosphere great service, my best restaurant!!
Graham Hayden via - Dec 8, 2018
Unique ... read more
Ernesto Delgado via - Dec 6, 2018
This is NOT Tex mex!!!
The best tasting authentic Mexican food, really think more people should know this place The tres leches cake is the best I ever tried Owner owned and operated so you’ll be sure they take care of the quality and customer service Highly recommend ... read more
Elizabeth W via - Dec 6, 2018
Their breakfast menu is pretty good. I has chilaquiles with green sauce and they were pretty good. Their menu is mexican food but fortunately you don't get the loud music or the bright colors all over the place. This is a owner operated small business and they take good care of their customers. We come here often.
Eduardo MorenoS via - Dec 2, 2018
Real Mexican food in The Woodlands. Need to try the chilaquiles.
Patricio Lankenau via - Nov 20, 2018
Great taste ! Atmosphere and very friendly for all kind meal ! Highly recommended
Great taste ! Atmosphere and very friendly for all kind meal ! Highly recommended ... read more
Monica De La O via - Nov 20, 2018
Wow. First time dinner and we were very impressed. Charming decor and a menu to die for. Have anything with Mole sauce. Service outstanding. Everything fresh. Nice variety in menu - not just Mexican. This will become a regular spitbv ... read more
RoseyO65 via - Nov 17, 2018
Stay with authentic
The food here is very good if you stay with the authentic menu selections. If you stray to fajitas (Tex Mex) we find food to be bland. The mole is first rate. Service is attentive.
RonORon63 via - Nov 10, 2018
Absolutely excellent! We had the ...
Absolutely excellent! We had the soup of the day, fish dish and salad, it was all delicious. Highly recommend the tres leches too, for dessert.
Rania K. via - Nov 9, 2018
Very tasty food that is original ...
Very tasty food that is original and authentic!  I got a quesadilla with fried egg and mole on it.  My husband got salmon.  Even the chai and pastries were awesome!
Layla B. via - Nov 9, 2018
Charming atmosphere
This is a charming little cafe but the name is somewhat confusing since it really is a Mexican restaurant. That said, its one of the few places I have found that served a good authentic Pozole. Once inside you feel like your in an upscale...More ... read more
V_S_Salcedo via - Nov 6, 2018
Food is amazing!
I had the pineapple and pork tacos for dinner and they were delicious! We also had guacamole and salsa for an appetizer. Everything is so fresh and tasty! The atmosphere is very nice, and the owners are friendly and welcoming. I wish I had a...More ... read more
Jackie D via - Oct 28, 2018
Stopped here today after a horrible ...
Stopped here today after a horrible experience at Levure. The chilaquiles were amazing!! The service was great! It is so hard to find chilaquiles with authentic mexican taste. This place did it well! We will be back again for sure :).
Natasha Q. via - Oct 28, 2018
I had the pineapple and pork tacos ...
I had the pineapple and pork tacos for dinner and they were delicious! We also had guacamole and salsa for an appetizer. Everything is so fresh and tasty! The atmosphere is very nice, and the owners are friendly and welcoming. I wish I had a restaurant like this near where I lived, I would go often!
Jackie D. via - Oct 28, 2018
Very authentic flavor Chilaquiles ...
Very authentic flavor Chilaquiles. Food is fantastic. Service is great. Nice restaurant with kind servers. We come back often just for the Chilaquiles ... read more
Chris P. via - Oct 28, 2018
I love this restaurant.  The owners ...
I love this restaurant.  The owners are always around and the food is awesome.  I love the cactus chalupas..ok give them a try so good and healthy...that's not the Mexican name but wonderful.  My husband likes the chicken chalupas.  They have a wonderful mole if you crave mole.  Their margaritas are also good.  I definitely recommend ... read more
Lis F. via - Oct 23, 2018
Very very very good. It’s real mexican food. I’m mexican, I know. Great service!!! 3 leches cake is amazing!!!
Miguel H via - Oct 20, 2018
I love this place ! Real Mexican food I recommend the tapas!! It’s truly an amazing dish The chilaquiles , the mahi mahi, everything is delicious 😋 ... read more
Ana D via - Oct 20, 2018
Great place ... read more
Estefany Espino via - Oct 19, 2018
Best Place in Town
I have been a regular to this place for the last 3 years, it’s my favorite place for breakfast over the weekends... owners Arturo and Lucy make you feel at home.. food is delicious and the service is great... several dishes to choose from with...More ... read more
Rolando S via - Oct 13, 2018
Best Mexican restaurant in TX ... read more
Hilda De Luna via - Oct 7, 2018
Amazing service (we felt like family), margaritas (fresh squeezed orange juice & lemon juice, Patron), chunky guacamole w: freshly made tortilla chips, fish tacos, pork w/ pineapple tacos, tres leches cake...all homemade and surpassed our expectations. We will definitely return again & again. Can’t say...More ... read more
jacpines via - Oct 5, 2018
Handmade margaritas were fresh ...
Handmade margaritas were fresh and delicious. My tomatillo enchiladas were good (I ordered mine with no cheese and cream). Service was slow as stated in previous reviews but not horrible.
Mary D. via - Sep 21, 2018
Great Food
My favorite restaurant by far in The Woodlands. This place has a great atmosphere, with amazing music. It is a great place to go with famil and friends.
Jacob B via - Sep 13, 2018
Caffe di fiore best authentic mexican food in the woodlands.
Best restaurant ever ! Food was amazing as always and the service is incredible!! Best authentic Mexican food in The Woodlands area. Love this restaurant!
Andrea C via - Sep 13, 2018
Very good authentic Mexican food, cute decor, has a nice "family business owned business feel to it
Very good authentic Mexican food, cute decor, has a nice "family business owned business feel to it'. Been twice and plan on going back!😋 ... read more
Cristina Cedillo via - Sep 12, 2018
This is one of our favorite restaurants. It's the perfect place for a relaxing meal, and we always
This is one of our favorite restaurants. It's the perfect place for a relaxing meal, and we always feel welcome. We celebrated my husband's birthday there last night, with another delicious meal.
Deborah Hall via - Sep 8, 2018
This has become one of our favorite places to go. My favorite, and my daughter's, are the barbacoa tacos. Unbelievable flavor every single time. And the tres leches cake is something you have to experience to understand...oh my.
Travis T via - Sep 3, 2018
👌👌👌👌 ... read more
AAA A via - Sep 2, 2018
Excellent lunch!
excellent place to have breakfast lunch and dinner good food and with good Mexican flavor with the family😎👌🏽 ... read more
Claudia R via - Aug 31, 2018
This is real authentic Mexican food. Everything is fresh and every plate is cooked to perfection. T
This is real authentic Mexican food. Everything is fresh and every plate is cooked to perfection. The service is personal and they treat you as if you were at home. It’s a must for any family living in the Woodlands ... read more
Cristi Gordillo via - Aug 30, 2018
Delicious Restaurant
The food is really authentic and the quality is better it's not your typical Mexican Restaurant. All the dishes are amazing and the service is fast and the owners are really outgoing. Of course I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who lives in the...More ... read more
ramonramirez2018 via - Aug 29, 2018
Great family run restaurant. Authentic Mexican food. Great food and great service.
Tami Shipe via - Aug 29, 2018
Have enjoyed this place many times....
I like Caffe Di Fiore. It is casual and relaxed with a great combination of food and drink options. Today, I enjoyed a wonderful Patron Margarita and a special that is only available for a short time, Chile en Nogada. It was fantastic! From a...More ... read more
Cindy H via - Aug 28, 2018
This was my first time here and ...
This was my first time here and I -had- to try the pozole. It was wonderful! The service was excellent. The food, although pricey, was above par.
Rhonda H. via - Aug 26, 2018
Caffe Di Fiore
Best mexican food in houston, we love eating here with our family, people and service are the highest quality. The tres leches cake is the best one i’ve ever had:) ... read more
Maria N via - Aug 24, 2018
Best Mexican Restaurant in town
Every plate is delicious, the staff is super friendly and the owners are there every day. For breakfast La Gringa is amazing, the best huevos rancheros and recently we tried the pozole and it was amazing.
Monica H via - Aug 23, 2018
We brought an international guest for dinner. She learned to love guacamole with their excellent chunky guac. Outstanding service.
Judy Barrish via - Aug 21, 2018
Si te quieres quitar el antojo de comida mexicana, este es un buen lugar ... read more
Aalejandra Chmorales via - Aug 20, 2018
Delicious food.
Jaime Talancon Ostos via - Aug 9, 2018
Very authentic Mexican dishes. Best pozole, machaca and mole poblano dishes. Very friendly servers. Family oriented environment.
Akira N via - Aug 6, 2018
I was seated immediately and my drink order taken by a friendly server. My waitor promptly came to the table with a genuine smile greeted me and assisted me with my selection, Chicken Di Fiore. Divine. Food was prepared and served quickly. Food temperature was...More ... read more
laguera52314 via - Aug 3, 2018
So glad I stopped in for breakfast! ...
So glad I stopped in for breakfast! My husband and I just moved from SOCAL so we are spoiled with great Mexican food and unfortunately we haven't been able to find anything other than Tex-Mex. This is authentic Mexican. The salsa was so good and when I asked for more they offered me a spicer version. I LOVE spicy so I accepted. Wow! ... read more
Amy L. via - Aug 2, 2018
caffe di fiore has excellent authentic mexican dinner and breakfast...the huevos rancheros are very good as well as their authentic mexican specialties...they also have really good coffee drinks and a selection of pastries. staff is always wonderfully nice and attentive.
superdopebruh via - Jul 20, 2018
Excellent! I haven't been here ...
Excellent! I haven't been here in a few years, perhaps with different owners. We had the pollo loco and tortilla soup - both were fantastic. We resisted the temptation to sample the bake goods, but they looked great. I'm surprised that they place isn't packed.
K M. via - Jul 13, 2018
Went in yesterday and needed to ...
Went in yesterday and needed to grab a quick lunch for to go. I had twenty minutes to order my food, get back to work, and eat my lunch. I ordered a veggie quesadilla and told them I was in a rush. They had my food ready and freshly made in about 7 minutes. I was impressed. I highly recommend this place. The food was amazing and deli ... read more
Andreea G. via - Jul 11, 2018
Very good indeed
Went for a late lunch/early dinner. Able to get seated with a beer pretty quickly. Thw chunky guacamole was to die for. The chips were fresh, too. The entree wasn't as good as the appetizer, though. Got shrimp tacos, friend got barbacoa. Both plates came...More ... read more
Paige F via - Jul 10, 2018
the best authentic Mexican food
I ordered the Tampico Style Carne Asada. I order steak and enchiladas at almost every Tex-Mex restaurant I go to and have had some very good meals that I have raved about to friends and family extensively. However, this meal was by far the most...More ... read more
Grace L via - Jul 8, 2018
One of our favorite places! Arturo, Lucy and their staff are amazing and make us feel at home whene
One of our favorite places! Arturo, Lucy and their staff are amazing and make us feel at home whenever we visit. The food is fresh, authentic and tastes absolutely delicious. My personal favorites are the mole enchiladas, fish tacos, and tenderloin steak salad - and be sure to save room for the tres leches and/or cappuccino! We love ... read more
Jennifer Kelley Bruse via - Jul 8, 2018
First time trying this place, can't ...
First time trying this place, can't wait to go back! Had the arrachera tacos. So happy for something besides tex-mex fajita!! homemade tortilla and perfectly seasoned meat. the salsa was homemade and loved it! People may find this place pricy, but it's because they use quality ingredients and this is true Mexican, not Texican.
Tina G. via - Jul 7, 2018
Dinner...then back for breakfast
So legit. Mole and tomatillo blew my mind. So then we came back for breakfast the next morning. Try this place!
Steve C via - Jul 6, 2018
We found this place by accident, and we were not disappointed. They have a great variety of dishes that we have not seen at the average Mexican restaurant. Their gorditas chicharrones are a must try. We really loved the vibe in the restaurant and the...More ... read more
Alessandra C via - Jul 4, 2018
Delicious Authentic Mexican Restaurant
The Woodlands does not have many authentic ethnic restaurants. My Mexican neighbors eat at Cafe di Fiore regularly and told me it's the closest to authentic Mexican food found in this area. Since they recommended it to me, I've been here 3 times for lunch...More ... read more
krmik via - Jun 28, 2018
Tres leches and guac - none better
Tres leches and guac - none better ... read more
Darin Wilson via - Jun 23, 2018
The most authentic Méxican you will get in The Woodlands.
They had some fantastic service, very courteous staff, the food come in a timely manner and it was all highly delicous. Their Tamales and Chilaquiles made me remember my grandmother’s cooking. The prices are very affirdabke and their Tres leches Cake is out of this...More ... read more
ElMata1 via - Jun 19, 2018
Great and friendly service. Food was amazing. Kid friendly as well.
Great and friendly service. Food was amazing. Kid friendly as well.
Lupe Gomez-Levitt via - Jun 18, 2018
It’s a reliable place to drink good coffee and enjoy European style gateaux and pastries. The service is always friendly and personable. Not the coziest atmosphere but there is plenty of space, making it a good meeting place for friends.
Jovanni Deangelo via - Jun 18, 2018
Authentic Mexican
We found this place through Instagram, so we thought we’d give it a try. We’re Mexican and we’ve eaten in some “Mexican” places in Houston and the woodlands, and they’re really not Mexican at all. But this restaurant really lives up to its hype, it...More ... read more
Michellepsych via - Jun 14, 2018
I’m impressed, this is the first authentic Mexican restaurant I’ve tried in the woodlands. It’s delicious and it reminded me of home (I live in Mexico). Everything we ordered is amazing. I’m definitely coming back!
KarenMiller28 via - Jun 14, 2018
Barbacoa tacos were unbelievable. Tres leches cake was better than any dessert I've ever had in my life!!
Travis Turner via - Jun 10, 2018
Come for the mole enchiladas, stay for the margaritas and churros. Great atmosphere, nice, quiet, and casual. Kids menu has staples that will keep the youngsters happy. I can’t say enough good things. We will be back, many times.
Elise McCarter via - Jun 10, 2018
🦉 Tecolotes como los de Sanborn’s
¡No bueno!, los Tecolotes definitivamente algo que probar, molletes con chilaquiles verdes encima...¡Simplemente deliciosos! Y acompañados por un recién exprimido jugo de naranja y un buen late ¡Excelente destino mexicano!, ¡Gracias Caffé Di Fiore!
María Cristina via - Jun 9, 2018
Good Mexican Food
We stopped for a late breakfast. This restaurant is often listed as the best breakfast in The Woodlands. My wife had Eggs Benedict and I had the Huevos Rancheros Di Fiore. I normally do not prefer Mexican food for breakfast but this meal was very...More ... read more
John K via - Jun 6, 2018
Desayuno , comida. Mexicana casera! Mas! En woodlans tx
Un lugar delicioso servido con dedicación y mucho amor, donde además de muy limpio los precios mejor que excelentes, uno puede en familia o solo , disfrutar , un delicioso pan o galletas, hasta los deliciosos chilaquiles, carne tampiquena, huevos con machaca. Y mucho más . Los jugos buenísimos . Vale mucho visitar este rincón del sab ... read more
zipcbmz via - Jun 5, 2018
We love this restaurant! Wonderful ...
We love this restaurant! Wonderful authentic Mexican, family owned and the best tres leches cake we have ever had!!
Lisa B. via - Jun 1, 2018
Wonderful panini and flat bread!
Sriram Raja via - May 30, 2018
This is the most charming restaurant ...
This is the most charming restaurant ever. The owner and his wife have created a beautiful place for locals to find the most amazing authentic Mexican food. We have only been for lunch a few times but everything has always been incredible. The Mole is the best we have ever found anywhere here in the states, the Pozole is very good an ... read more
Meredith H. via - May 29, 2018
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